By receiving booking confirmation, we understand that you are familiar and agree with to Terms of conditions and that

you will fully adhere to them.

1. Reserving accommodation

Request can be sent via e-mail, fax and phone. We answer your  e-mail or fax for better representation of

accommodation. For your query, you will get the answer in writing, together with an offer. Upon payment of the deposit

specified in the offer this confirms reservation. Then, everything stated in the agreement becomes a legal obligation

both for the guest and the owner of Villa Anita. The final balance is paid on the spot, on arrival of guests in the first 24

hours of stay.

2. Description of the accommodation

We guarantee the authenticity of the photos, data and descriptions and equipment of apartments which are presented

on this page. Every guest should arrive into a clean and tidy accommodation unit, and each guest will receive clean

sheets. Guests who stay longer than a week new bed linen and towels will be provided once a week. In addition to the

described equipment, the kitchen is fully equipped with utensils for preparing and serving meals. On the day of

departure, the guest is obliged to allow the service provider overview of the accommodation, and it should be as it was

on the day of arrival. For any damage to the devices or equipment through inappropriate use, the damaged devices or

equipment, determined by owner and witnessed by guest. The customer is obligated to pay for any damage to the site.

3. Price of accommodation

Price includes the right to use the apartment and its equipment in the reserved period, normal use of water and

electricity, as well as the tourist tax to the Croatian authorities.

4. Number of persons

Total number of persons in the apartment must not be higher than the confirmed number of people from the host.

5. The right of providers to change or cancellation

The landlord has the right to change or cancellation only in the event of sudden case which is beyond its control. In this

case, the service provider will, if possible, try to find the apartment of a similar standard. In the event that the guest does

not offer a single apartment, the guest will be refunded the entire amount paid.

6. The right customer to cancel a reservation

Guest can change or cancel a reservation up to 30 days before your arrival. In case of cancellation in the mentioned

period, the advance will not be refunded.

Changes in the 30 days prior to arrival are not possible. If there is a failure in this period has no right to a refund or

advance or the rest of the amount paid.

We advise clients to insure against the possibility of cancellation or illness.

Reservations are private and cannot be transferred to another person without the consent of the host.

7. Travel Insurance

Reservation does not include travel insurance for the customer. Guest has a responsibility to purchase travel insurance

in own country.

8. Pets

Villa Anita loves animals, but because of bad experiences with some pet owners, they are not allowed, except in

exceptional circumstances provisions entire building.

When asked, it is necessary to specify the type, breed and weight of the pet. The fee for a pet is EUR 10 per day. It is

not allowed to leave a pet alone without custody, either in the apartment or garden. In case that you did not specify a

pet host reserves the right to cancel the reservation on arrival!

9. Complaints

Complaints must be made during the occurrence of the problem, does not accept claims for departure in order to help

reduce the expense. Please all the problems and complaints to report in time to try to resolve them to our mutual

satisfaction. The guest has to: adhere to the house rules displayed in the accommodation unit, and cooperate with the

owner in good faith.

10. Court Jurisdiction

If the customer is not satisfied with the resolution of the problem with the owner, has the right to court arbitration. In

such cases the jurisdiction of the court in Korcula.

11. Accepting the general conditions

Paying for the reservation the guest entirely accepts the program and conditions of providing accommodation in private

houses of Villa Anita.