Villa Anita will provide you with a pleasant stay, peace, quiet, with clear blue sea, Mediterranean vegetation, refined nature.
Now we would like to briefly advise you locations not to be missed during your stay on the island of Korcula.
We hope that some of the tips are helpful, by looking around yourelf to find that enrich  and satisfaction of your vacation
 with the choice of Villa Anita for your holiday!
At the entrance of a deep bay of Vela Luka, situated in a beautiful small island of Proizd - Magic Island! In 2007,
at the option of the Croatian Tourist Board, the beaches on the island are for the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic.
Taxi boats to the island run only during the summer months, the departures are from the center.
The trip takes a little more than half an hour drive to the bay where there is a bar and restaurant.
In addition to this part, everything else is on the island naturally.
The most beautiful beaches are on the other side of the island to the hiking trails lead.
This magical island will surprise you with their colors and beauty, with its crystal clear sea, beautiful pebble beaches in rocky coves.
Some of the bays are FKK. Proizd everyone wins with its natural beauty, its white beaches, turquoise sea, the scent of salty freshness.
Here is the real power of the sea, sun and nature and here is uptpunjuje overall beauty rest in Vela Luka.
Enjoy the sun, clear sea, the waves turquoise, blue sky and the landscape of this island.