Vela Spila

Vela Spila is one of the most important prehistoric sites in the Mediterranean and Europe.
It is located on a hill above VeleLuke with a beautiful panoramic view of the town and on the part of the Vela Luka archipelago.
By Spile hiking trails and paved roads.
The plan youth groups VELOLUČANI the project "Blue Trail" - arranging tracks to Vela Spila, which will be visible from space.
Radiocarbon dating showed that human activity in Vela Spila goes back 20,000 years.
Found archaeological material provides evidence of settling a number of prehistoric human communities that used the cave for everyday life.
Thousands of found fragments of ceramics, whole vessels and other objects represent are of the utmost importance.
For them printed pages of cultural, social, spiritual and economic relations user Vela Spila
with immediate and distant parts of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean.
One piece of pottery has a name Vela Luka culture, its unique way of painting.
Pottery was found a few years ago, is the second oldest pottery in the world (17,500 years old, belonging to the Ice Age).
Excavated systematically working Croatian and international archaeologists.
Previous research came from a depth of about 8 meters, and yet nowhere is there was no cave bottom,
and we expect many more exciting finds in this locality.
In 1986 discovered the remains of the funeral ritual, two adults.
The analysis of their remains gives a result that lived in the Late Neolithic. Local people from Vela Luka call them Grandma and Dida.
The center of culture, there is also an archaeological collection, with part of the artifacts found in Vela Spila.
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